About Us


We are a contemporary and slow fashion Indian clothing brand. What we want to create is an experience for our consumers, which in simple terms is - "Phenomenal". We believe in style over fashion and comfort over style to be our design philosophy.


Sustainable, Minimalistic & Slow Fashion

Supporting sustainability through contemporary style and not just fashion. Sustainable clothing or sustainability is not an external element for us; it is a natural part of our design process. We create our clothes to be worn again and again and designs that are timeless. We always try to create a balance between purpose and comfort. Being born in the land of - Mahatma Gandhi, we have been inspired and fascinated by his values on self-reliance, sustainability.

We had less; hence, it was imbibed to make use of fewer resources and preserve.  We have witnessed in our households, how every old piece of garment would be reused for household chores or passed on to the next generation in the family. A practice that is still common in India.



The transformation of fabric is the most fascinating, which itself may not be as important. But through evolution and processes at various stages, it forms a character - It defines a person, reflects culture, and interprets tradition. Fabric transforms into attire, which creates memories. So that is the biggest motivator, can we create unique designs and patterns, which become memories and occasions? A woman transforms over the years, from being a young girl to a home-maker, caregiver, educator, entrepreneur, leader, or mother.  Her appearance and structure may also mature; the garment needs to have enough room to accommodate this transformation, we ensure to leave ample margins in our garments to help negotiate this transformation.



People, nature, animals, weather, community, culture form an integral part of our design inspiration. Being from India, there is a unique Indianness in our designs.  Be it the embroidery pattern on our clothes, the structure or the design form, or the techniques used by our artisans. There is an inexhaustible desire to innovate in technique, style, design and offer something extraordinary.