Design Philosophy



We believe in style over fashion and comfort over style is our design philosophy.

Supporting sustainability through contemporary style and not just fashion.

We always try to balance between purpose and comfort. Process is what we are mainly interested in while designing.

Surrounding plays key role to influence us the most.

At times soil inspires for colours and at times bunch of flowers.

At times a place to form textures and at times culture for patterns.

At times a person inspires the look and at times entire community for the style.

We are not a trend followers, neither do we work on just what people want. We want our consumer to live on our design. We don’t have any signature designs but we have signature element like line, which is used as piping and binding in our most of the designs.

Many times we come up with something considering it an improvisation of what we see and wear everyday. We don’t like to be in one regular frame. We see new things everyday, meet new people, travel to the places, so nothing stops us for getting inspired. It’s a constant process and learning where to stop while coming up with something.